1E9 Festival der Zukunft

Three days of summer, ideas and technology for a better future. July 22-24 2022 at the Forum der Zukunft of the Deutsches Museum, Munich.

AI #Quantum #Space #Web3 #Metaverse #Robots #Sustainability #Mobility #Biotech

Climate crisis, pandemic, war... yes, the world has become darker. But let's not react with fear or cynicism! Bringing people together whose aim is to improve the world with new ideas and technologies creates - despite everything - a spirit of optimism. The world could use a little more of that right now, couldn't it?

With the Festival of the Future, we want to spread exactly this mood. And what city would be better suited for this than Munich, where people are working on solutions for a better future every day? Startups and tech companies, universities and research centers, creatives, media, politics and an open-minded society all join forces here. With the Forum of the Future at the Deutsches Museum, the future is also getting a new home in the city, which we want to inaugurate together!

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