Google Analytics Demystified

Taking the time to look at your Google Analytics data can be daunting, especially when you are already busy. It can appear complicated, technical, and confusing. I want to show you that learning to demystify your user behavior data can be much more like an exciting treasure hunt.

Google Analytics can help us to answer real-world business and marketing questions like:

  • Is my traffic growing, and from where do the best users come?
  • Are my offers working, or are people just bouncing off my landing pages?
  • What is the most popular content on my website, and what was a waste of time?
  • Where do users get stuck in the customer journey I crafted?
  • Are my ads already profitable, or am I wasting money?

To me, these are the questions I struggle with in my everyday work as a growth marketer and founder. So it's just practical to take 15 minutes once a week to see if I'm on track or not. And in case I smell treasure, diving deep has been worth it so many times.

Webinar series of 6 videos treat the following topics:

  • Survey Reveal
  • The Basics - Google Analytics demystified
  • Goals & Dashboards
  • Display Features
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio