How to accelerate digitization of products and services in your company

A case study sonnen and Boldare

This webinar aims to help you answer the question of how to boost your business results in 2021 by digitizing your products and services or improving your current apps.

We’ll present the real-life case study of sonnen’s collaboration with Boldare, bringing you exclusive insights from the front-line of change.

During this online session you will find out how a German company in the renewable energy sector has successfully gone through a digital transformation and accelerated their change thanks to a partnership with an agile software company.

Join us for the webinar and learn:

  • how to structure, plan and carry out the digitization of your products and services,
  • how to transform internal processes to keep up with change,
  • about the role of an external agile software partner in digital transformation, and how to get maximum ROI from such a collaboration.

Listen to practical advice from the front-line executive at sonnen responsible for the digitization, Michael Konder, and our business expert at Boldare, Artur Belka, and ask questions during a live Q&A.

For whom?

  • CXO’s who are looking to digitize their products and services (no prior experience required),
  • Product Managers who are finding that their web and mobile apps are either outdated, cannot cope with a surge of users, or don’t meet user needs,
  • Directors of R&D who are looking for web solutions to respond to highly volatile and uncertain markets.
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