THE FESTIVAL of the New European Bauhaus

Together for a beautiful and sustainable future

The Festival brings together citizens from all walks of life to debate and shape our future landscape. It is an opportunity to explore the New European Bauhaus values of beauty, sustainability and togetherness, and their power to address societal challenges.This first edition of The Festival will bring together exhibitions, artistic performances, conferences, seminars and other gatherings combining a 'live' onsite event and a 'virtual' online component. Explore the programme, plan your visit and register to attend!

The Fair consists of a live exhibition (including virtual reality, 3D, and live interaction) across Brussels to showcase current and future projects, along with opportunities to meet, interact and exchange ideas, bringing together different actors who are enthusiastic about getting involved. Some of the projects of the Fair are organised in both onsite and online formats. Check them all and join the Festival!

The Fest consists of a live cultural programme with a range of performances organised across Brussels, alongside opportunities to meet, interact and exchange ideas, bringing together a wide range of individuals from different walks of life. An additional programme of Side events, initiatives organised independently in Belgium and other EU Member States, is also on offer. Explore them all and join the festival!

The Forum consists of a series of debates building on the key themes of the NEB (on green transition, architecture, R&I, culture, education, regional development, international challenges etc.), ensuring a well-balanced mix of policy discussions and innovative participatory formats. It is designed as a non-conventional space open to different stakeholders, including citizens and activists along with politicians and public authorities. The Forum is organised in both onsite and online format, in Brussels and on this digital platform. Join the conversation!

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