For the first time in Tech Open Air's history and loyal to our core values, we are launching a new virtual conference to deep dive into the future of different industries, trends & influences affecting the world we live in. 

With 20+ world class speakers, 16+ hours of content and plenty of networking sessions, we are thrilled to welcome our guests to TOA Click.Future, where CEOs, Founders & Industry leaders will join us for a series of panels, fireside chats and workshops on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Smart Cities
  • Electric Mobility
  • New Work 
  • Sustainability & Climate Change
  • Food Innovation
  • AI & Deep Tech
  • Entrepreneurship
    ... and more! 

Speaker Highlights:
Hanna Hennig, Chief Information Officer, Siemens AG
Cal Henderson, Co-founder & CTO, Slack
Dr. Martine Rothblatt, Chairman & CEO, United Therapeutics
George Church, Geneticist, Harvard, MIT
Sarah Kunst, Managing Director, Cleo Capital
Joy Howard, CMO, Dashlane
Bruce Schneier, Security & Privacy Specialist, Writer
Josh Tetrick, CEO & Co-Founder, Eat Just
Wendy Kopp, Co-Founder & CEO, Teach for All
Dalad Kambhu, Michelin Star Chef, Kin Dee, Berlin
Fabrice Grinda, Founder, FJ Labs

Webinar Details