The first 100% online Summit for all climate champions, decision makers and procurement leaders, driving climate transformation!

The decade for climate transformation is now!

We all know it: Our world is changing rapidly. And we also know: We hold in our hands the tools to turn this crisis into a positive climate transformation. If we focus on real CO₂ reduction, collaboration and intelligent business decisions, we can use the incredible opportunities today to drive the decarbonisation of whole systems and economies tomorrow.

Together with scientists, politics and practitioners we are discussing meaningful climate actions to decarbonise companies and their supply chains. As collaborative CLIMATE Community, we share and gain insights into the climate transformation of companies, their measures for climate maturity as well as best practices to make CO₂ reduction possible along the value chain.

Through a mix of interactive panels, workshops and an online fair, you will experience inspiring conversations with world class innovators as well as hands-on working sessions to accelerate your own climate impact. The multi-channel format allows you to create your own agenda , to connect with other participants and to set up personal meetings with climate leaders.

The whole summit takes place live and in English.

Decision makers, procurement leaders and climate officers from companies that have embraced climate transformation and work on the decarbonisation of their company and supply chain.

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