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In our Meetups interested people, users and experts discuss and network. Our speakers come from different areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The lectures combine the current state of research with concrete applications.

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Talk 1: Cloud Native ML with Kubeflow
Speaker: Tobias Goerke, Consultant @ viadee Unternehmensberatung AG

The potential of artificial intelligence has long been known and thus, companies are starting a growing number of AI experiments, as oftentimes this is the only way to estimate the true value of AIs for data-driven use cases. But why do we see so relatively few artificially intelligent systems in production despite the increasing interest in and the progressing performance of AIs? Why do many so projects fail even after their proof-of-concept?

This talk highlights common problems that machine learning projects are facing before going into production and will show how techniques of an emerging area, called, "MLOps", can help. For this purpose, this talk will present Google's cloud-native ML platform "Kubeflow". It aims to accompany the ML project’s lifecycle by using scalable workflows, simplifying model deployments and thus enabling the professional usage of AIs in production.

Talk 2: tbd
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