Big Projects – How Management Kills Business & What you can do about it

Large companies place orders for (sub)projects with external suppliers. For good reasons:

  • Firstly, they lack the necessary expertise.
    However, this expertise could be built up.
  • For another, projects – if they are implemented by the company itself – simply take far too long.
    The reasons for this are the established management mechanisms (Rules, Policies, Measurements, …) of precisely these companies.
  • External project suppliers are faster and often cheaper.
    However, this is only true until customers start imposing their own management mechanisms on their project suppliers.

The consequences:

  • extreme stress in customer-supplier relationships
  • the projects take even longer and become even more expensive, as if the customers would realize them themselves
  • the good intention of external commissioning is taken ad absurdum

What can you do about it?

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