RPA Modernization with Camunda

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deployments have been a popular approach to drive UI task automation to replace repetitive human tasks. However, when scaling RPA deployments and when more complex orchestrations are implemented in RPA scripts, they quickly become brittle, tend to break and require a high level of maintenance. Large scale RPA deployments tend to increase technical debt to be resourced and addressed in the future.

Camunda can help. The Camunda Platform for RPA Modernization provides a lifecycle approach to orchestrate, choreograph, analyze and monitor your RPA bots TODAY and provides an architectural path that replaces RPA bots with API/ microservices for the FUTURE.

Join Jakob Freund, Co-Founder of Camunda, to learn the best practices needed to modernize your RPA deployments, including how to:

  • Apply BPMN standards and decisioning models for smarter RPA bot orchestration
  • Expand process event monitoring to include RPA bot activities across the enterprise
  • Save time with out-of-the-box integration with UiPath and reusable templates
  • Use Camunda’s three phase approach to RPA Modernization